Murder of Marie Tierney

Marie Tierney was a married woman, with 2 children.
She lived with her husband and children, and they had their own garage/fuel station, with a small grocery shop, outside Kilkenny City, County Kilkenny, Ireland.

The location of their garage was located in a rural area, going by various news reports, called Clinstown, near Jenkinstown.

Information obtained from various news articles, was that she was last seen alive on Sunday, 21st October, 1984.

Going by an old news report clipping from back in 1986, the husband stated that he, his wife and children went to the city swimming pool on the evening of the 21st October, returned home and watched some TV together.

The children went to bed, and she told him she was going out to enjoy herself, left their house at approximately 10.30pm.

The same article quotes him as saying money from their shop till had went missing, and assumed she had taken it.

He was further quoted in the article stating that he was on good terms with his wife, but she had been having some problems with her mental health.

Her husband reported her missing the following day, and the family car, a Renault 18 estate car, was found abandoned on Lovers Lane, close to Newpark Fin, on the edge of Kilkenny City, on the 22nd October.

Going by news articles obtained online, this was treated as a missing person’s case by the Garda Siochana, and a few months later, on the 21st December 1984, a man coming to the aid of an injured Swan on Bleach Road, outside Kilkenny City, came across a decomposed body in a ditch.

This body was identified as Marie Tierney.

There was an inquest held into her death in 1986, and it declared her death as murder, as the state pathologist, Dr John Harbinson, although the body was in a bad state decomposition, concluded that she died of strangulation, most likely manual, rather than by ligature.

It seems that the case was “cold” for many years, but, in recent years, there has been attempts by the authorities to reinvestigate this case.

Marie’s remains were exhumed by the Gardai in 2018  to make a more positive identification, as knowledge of DNA wasn’t as strong back then, and to potentially gather further evidence.

An elderly man in his 70s was arrested in June 2019, in relation to her murder.  He was released without charge.

The last news article I can find is that a file was being prepared and presented to the Irish states DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions), but no word in the media since then.

Also, some news articles state that the suspect was known to her.

I will try and add the images of the old newspaper article if possible, and I will also add link’s that are relevant to the case.

Remains of mother murdered over 30 years ago exhumed from local graveyard

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