Inga Maria Hauser

The unsolved murder of Inga Maria Hauser is a bit of a puzzler.

If you believe the news reports over the last few years, you’d think that police are ever so close to catching her killer(s).

To give a brief synopsis of this case, Inga was 18, and in April 1988 had travelled from Germany, via train, got a boat from The Netherlands to the UK, then travelled through England and Scotland using trains as well.

She had gone as far as Inverness, then travelled back down again to Stranraer – at the time the boats used to Dock here, and she got the boat to Larne on April 6th 1988.

People remember seeing her on the boat, but when it docked into Larne, it seemed that she had vanished.

Going by information out there, it seems her plan had been to get the train from Larne to Belfast, and eventually onwards to Dublin, where she could get a boat across the Irish Sea to Holyhead, as she was planning on meeting a friend.

However, she was missing for a few weeks, before her partially clothed body was found in Ballypatrick forest in North Antrim, by a local farmer on 20th April 1988.

She had been sexually assaulted, had her neck broke, her personal belongings were scattered nearby, and it seemed that no real effort had been made to conceal her body.

There were reconstructions of her last movements, and these were based on the premise that she had been moving around North Antrim in the weeks leading up to the discovery of her body.

In recent years, this has changed. It is officially believed that the area where she was found acted like a “fridge” as there was little to no decomposition of her body, and she I’d now believed to have been murdered in the few hours after she got off the boat in Larne.

Police have stated on numerous occasions that they have a DNA profile from the scene of the crime.

People have been questioned over her murder, and a file has been sent to the public prosecution service, to see if it could proceed to trial, but this has been ruled out.

For further reading on this case, check out the blog by Keeley Moss:

This is the definitive resource about this case, a serious amount of information here, Keeley has went to extraordinary lengths to compile it.

As for my own views, I’m perplexed by it all. There is much made of the DNA sample from the crime scene – I know for a fact that many men in the local North Antrim area volunteered their DNA samples.

The police state that the suspect is local, but is he? If they know who he is, and going by one news article, they have narrowed it down to a specific familial DNA profile, why haven’t they been able to hone in on them?

The news reports over the past few years are the usual “people have been brought in for questioning”, “we are getting close”, but it feels they are nowhere near getting anything to court.

I found an article posted by Madden and Finucane solicitors, who were representing the male suspect, think they lifted it from Belfast Telegraph. Have linked it below.

It seems that the DNA doesn’t match this suspect.

Does the suspect (person with the DNA profile at scene of crime) even live here anymore?

As has been stated elsewhere, is there some informer, from the days of the troubles, preventing justice from being served?

The narrative now, that she was dead in a few hours, based on re evaluating evidence, how watertight is that? Is there the possibility that she was alive, and anything after that is being discounted? Much light was made that there were no entries in her diary after she got off the boat, could she have been held captive somewhere, killed afterwards?

I did come an webpage posting an alternative theory – pretty sectarian, – I asked someone about this, they confirmed this theory was checked out and swiftly dismissed.

I just don’t know, hopefully the family will get some justice or closure, but I don’t know how.

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